Made to Order: Touch Screen Tech Reinventing McDonald’s Menu

Made to Order: Touch Screen Tech Reinventing McDonald’s Menu

By Dave Baxter (@davebbbaxter)

Regent Avenue McDonald’s restaurant store manager Josh Odwak gets ready to bite into a personally-customized burger. (DAVE BAXTER / CHRISD.CA)

McDonald’s is taking fast food to a whole new place, and offering customers the chance to completely customize their meals, and their dining experience.

“It’s all about giving our guests as many options as we possibly can, and all about giving the guests an experience as soon as they walk in the door,” Regent Avenue McDonald’s restaurant manager Josh Odwak said.

“We are elevating the guest experience, and we are taking it to that next level.”

Guests will notice a radically different kind of McDonald’s as soon as they walk in the door at the 1475 Regent Avenue location, as they are immediately greeted by McDonald’s Guest Experience Leaders, who introduce them to the new touchscreen ordering kiosks.

Guests are always welcome to walk up to the counter and order the same way they have at McDonald’s for decades, but the ordering kiosks give those same customers the opportunity of customizing their order with the brand new “Create Your Taste” option.

A customized cheeseburger ordered by the Create Your Taste touch screen menu. (DAVE BAXTER / CHRISD.CA)

As soon as guests get to the kiosks and select the customized option, it immediately provides the opportunity to create their own completely customized and personalized burger.

“More and more we see that customers are saying they want options,” Odwak said.

“Now instead of saying ‘add this’ or ‘take this off’ you are building your burger just the way you want it every single time.”

The Create Your Taste option always starts with a 1/3 lb all beef Angus patty, and from there guests customize every aspect of their burger, from the cheese, to the sauces, to the toppings.

The simple five-step process lets guests choose from two types of buns, or even a lettuce wrap option.

Customers can then choose from five types of cheese with everything from cheddar, to Monterey Jack jalapeno, and even crumbled blue cheese.

Next, guests can choose from nine kinds of sauces with everything available from classic ketchup and mustard, to unique options like garlic aioli, and sriracha sauce.

Store manager Josh Odwak and McDonald’s Guest Experience Leader Tancy Oliveira show off the new ordering kiosks at the 1475 Regent Avenue location in Winnipeg. (DAVE BAXTER / CHRISD.CA)

Step four allows customers to pick their toppings with 10 toppings available.

Classic burger toppings like lettuce, tomatoes and pickles are available, but unique options like caramelized or crispy onions, sundried tomato pesto, grilled mushrooms, and even guacamole are now on the menu.

To top things off, guests have the option to add bacon or bacon pieces, and as many as three extra beef patties to their burger.

“Along with offering as many options as possible, we are really focusing on how we make the food, and the quality of the food,” Odwak said.

“It’s the same Angus patty, but we sear the meat and season the meat and melt the cheese on it.

“You can taste the quality of the product right from the first bite.”

Payment can me made right at the kiosk and guests can head to a table of their choosing where a Guest Experience Leader will bring their order directly to them.

All classic McDonald’s meals can also be ordered from the kiosks while ordering a Create Your Taste Burger.

“You can immediately see why families are choosing it,” Odwak said. “Because they order, they sit down, and right from there we take care of the rest.”

He said food still comes fast, and always fresh and hot

“It’s always made to order and right off the grill, and the temperature of the meat is perfect,” he said. “It’s phenomenal.”

Select McDonald’s restaurants are currently holding a Create Your Taste promotion, as every customized purchase comes with free McDonald’s fries and a drink, for a limited time.

McDonald’s ultimately expects more than 25 locations to begin offering the Create Your Taste option in Manitoba over the next few months.

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