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RRC Receives $5.9M in Research Grants

September 7, 2016 2:54 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Red River CollegeWINNIPEG — Red River College is beginning the new school year with $5.9 million in research grants from the federal government.

Ottawa is providing the college with $3.6 million for advanced and sustainable vehicle technology research and $2.3 million for culinary innovation.

“These new funds will be transformational for our research programs in the areas of vehicle technology and culinary innovation,” said Paul Vogt, president and CEO of Red River College.

“Manitoba is already a major player in the world’s heavy vehicle sector, while we are undergoing a bit of a renaissance in terms of commercializing new food products. In both cases, these funds will help us work with producers to develop and test innovations.”

The funding is the largest single research grant RRC has received since founding its research enterprise in 2004.

Federal cabinet minister MaryAnn Mihychuk announced the funding during a news conference on Wednesday.