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Thunder Bay Man Accused of Impersonating Police Officer in Brandon, Winnipeg

September 22, 2016 10:26 AM | News

Brandon Police Service CrestA Thunder Bay man is in custody after impersonating a police officer in both Brandon and Winnipeg.

Police say the man and another suspect pulled over a woman last Sunday in the 1200 block of Victoria Avenue while driving a dark coloured four-door Ford Taurus. The two asked her to get into their vehicle for questioning, but she ran away believing they weren’t legitimate officers.

A short time later, a man in Brandon’s White Swan trailer court was pulled over for speeding by the same suspects. The driver asked for their ID and badges, but was threatened with arrest. The two men then left and the driver called police.

Brandon police also received a call from a motel on Braecrest Drive, who noted a similar vehicle without licence plates was in its parking lot. Police attended to the motel on Monday morning and found one of the suspects in the parking lot.

The 36-year-old was found to be on a recognizance order from Thunder Bay to remain in that city. He was arrested and housed at the Brandon Correctional Centre.

Further investigation by Brandon police also found the man to be responsible for impersonating an officer in Winnipeg, where a warrant was already out for his arrest on theft and extortion charges.

The man will be turned over to Winnipeg police later today. No charges have been laid yet in the Brandon incidents.

Police are also asking the public to contact them if they were pulled over or approached by the men on Sunday night in Brandon.

Winnipeg police are expected to release further details on this case at 11 a.m.