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Manitoba Launches Website for Pre-Budget Consultations

September 28, 2016 2:05 PM | News



WINNIPEG — Manitobans can connect with their provincial government online to speak their mind on the upcoming 2017 budget.

The province has launched YourProvinceYourPlan.ca as a tool for citizens to provide input and ideas on how their hard-earned dollars should be spent.

The website, which is simply a URL redirect to the government’s main website, includes a series of questions on topics ranging from health care and red tape to infrastructure and innovation. The tool will generate a budget based on the individual’s responses. Those who use the website can also share their input with Manitoba Finance as feedback and on social media.

“These consultations are your opportunity to tell us what is important to you and where government can make better use of available dollars,” said Finance Minister Cameron Friesen.

In-person meetings on the budget are also planned for between October 17 and 26 across the province.