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Medical App Streamlining Job of Manitoba Paramedics

October 22, 2016 10:08 AM | News

MedicHero App

The MedicHero app was developed by Winnipeg-based Consultica Software Services Inc. for paramedics province-wide. (HANDOUT)

MedicHero App

About 1,600 paramedics across Manitoba are using MedicHero. (HANDOUT)

A Winnipeg software company has digitized thousands of pages of medical reference material to help Manitoba paramedics work more efficiently.

Called MedicHero, the searchable mobile app replaces bulky printed material to apply life-saving treatments to those in medical crisis.

“The goal is to provide faster, more reliable pre-hospital patient care,” said Luc Bohunicky of Consultica Software Services Inc.

“We’re already reviewing the analytics to see how they use it, looking for improvements. We can track what’s working and what’s not.”

The app is in use province-wide by 1,600 paramedics and was developed with the input of the Paramedics Association of Manitoba.

“The intuitive design and speed of use are what makes this app so valuable to paramedics and, ultimately, to the public,” said Eric Glass, administrative director at PAM.

Bohunicky says future plans for the app will be to link data flow between ambulances and hospitals to optimize patient triage upon arrival.

“The return on investment here goes way beyond dollars earned,” Bohunicky added. “This is lives saved — real human lives. These professionals are already super heroes in their own right and if we can empower them to do their jobs better and faster, that’s an incredible accomplishment for a two-year-old company.”