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MWF Renews Calls for Spotlighting Ban in Manitoba

October 26, 2016 9:16 AM | News


WINNIPEG — The Manitoba Wildlife Federation is once again calling for spotlighting — hunting after dark — to be banned in the province.

The renewed calls come after a recent tragedy on Sioux Valley First Nation. The MWF says this season might be the worst falls seasons for spotlighting in Manitoba.

“Many MWF members are cattle producers, living where there are high big-game populations and they’ve been telling us that on some nights, they’ve been getting spotlighted multiple times an evening,” said Rob Olson, managing director, MWF.

A NightWatch campaign has been running since 2015, calling on the province to ban spotlighting in Manitoba.

Spotlighting is currently legal in Manitoba for indigenous hunters on crown lands or private land where they have the right of access.

“We are thrilled that conservation officers have been given a new mandate to step-up enforcement efforts and want to congratulate the field staff who were involved in the recent campaign in GHA 26,” said MWF president Brian Strauman.

“Now it’s time for the new government to take the next step by banning spotlighting and investing in rural law enforcement with increased resources and tools for the people doing the work on the frontlines — conservation officers.”


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