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Overweight Border Collie on His Way to a Lighter Life

October 28, 2016 1:50 PM | News


Bobby is a border collie weighing 123 lbs. Manitoba Underdogs Rescue has taken him into their care to help him shed the pounds. (SUNNY S-H PHOTOGRAPHY)



WINNIPEG — A 123-pound border collie was surrendered to Manitoba Underdogs Rescue last week to begin a journey of potentially losing half of his body weight.

Bobby is more than twice his recommended weight of 60 pounds, but in relatively good health after a veterinarian assessment.

The rescue says the dog had been in the care of his elderly owner — who has dementia — and was overfed instead of receiving proper exercise and a modest diet.

“This is a bit of a tragic situation,” said Manitoba Underdogs Rescue executive director Jessica Hansen.

“We’re happy that his family made the best decision possible and trusted us with his care.”

Hansen says Bobby will be in their care for several months and will likely need surgery to remove excess skin after reaching his goal weight.

“With all of the negative stories that we come across, it’s nice to give our supporters the chance to follow a positive journey,” says Hansen. “Bobby will be extremely loved during his journey, and is already quickly becoming a favourite of ours. He’s just the sweetest boy!”

Animal lovers can follow Bobby’s journey on the MUR Facebook page. Donations are also being accepted.