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Four Charged in Over 200 Break-Ins in Powerview-Pine Falls

November 22, 2016 3:06 PM | News

RCMP Logo VehicleFour men have been arrested in connection to a string of home and cottage break-ins in the Powerview/Pine Falls area.

Manitoba RCMP say between January 1 and October 2016, there were 122 reported break and enters to residences, and 104 to cottages and seasonal properties. That figure is up from 175 combined break-ins in 2015.

Police increased patrols in the area and worked with a criminal analyst to generate leads.

After a break-in on November 9, a resident was able to provide a description of a vehicle and licence plate. Police soon found the vehicle and arrested three men. They also located stolen items inside.

Another man was arrested as police were able to connect the group to eight confirmed break and enters. The rest of the cimres are under investigation to determine if the men were also involved.

Charged are Norbert Dale Courchene, 40, Travis Bradford Courchene, 31, Norbert Larry Courchene, 60, and Joshua Leighton Bruyere, 30.

Police continue to investigate.

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