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Red River College’s MotiveLab Expansion Secures $4.5M

November 25, 2016 11:37 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Red River College

The province and federal government are both coming to the table with a combined $4.5 million for Red River College.

The investment will support the second phase of the new MotiveLab, allowing year-round utilization of a climatic chamber with extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C to enable light and heavy vehicle-related research.

The project also supports the construction of an Engine Dynamometer Test Cell that will facilitate research and technology development for the heavy-equipment manufacturing industry in Manitoba.

“Manitoba’s heavy vehicle manufacturing sector is a cornerstone of our economy, and this research and testing facility is a direct result of our close ties with manufacturers, as well as our efforts to meet current and future training and technology needs,” said Paul Vogt, president and CEO of Red River College.

“It’s an approach we are taking across all sectors to help local industry innovate, create jobs of the future and be more competitive in the global marketplace.”

Ottawa is contributing $3 million toward the project, while the Manitoba government will spend $1.5 million.