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Manitoba Police Officers to Be Equipped with Naloxone Kits

December 19, 2016 2:07 PM | News


WINNIPEG — As the fentanyl crisis grows across Canada, police officers working in Manitoba will have access to the life-saving tools needed to reverse the effects of a potentially fatal opioid overdose.

The Manitoba government is spending nearly $30,000 to purchase naloxone kits for police officers in Winnipeg and other municipal and First Nation police services across the province. Manitoba RCMP officers were equipped with the kits earlier this year.

“Fentanyl and other opioids are incredibly dangerous and potentially fatal even in small amounts, so many people might be at risk without even realizing it,” said Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen.

“This measure will support the other important work underway in Manitoba to deal with fentanyl.”

Winnipeg police will receive 1,300 naloxone kits. Another 200 kits will be distributed to municipal and First Nations police services including the Brandon Police Service and Dakota Ojibway Police Service.

“With the purchase of naloxone kits for Winnipeg police members, we will ensure that, in the event of an accidental exposure to fentanyl or other potent opioid, a safe reversal medicine is immediately available,” said Winnipeg police Chief Danny Smyth.

Officers will be trained to use the naloxone kits if they encounter someone on a call who may be experiencing an opioid overdose or if another officer has been exposed while at work.

The Manitoba government launched a social media campaign earlier this fall to educate the public on the dangers of fentanyl.