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Help Pick Names for Winnipeg Zoo’s New Polar Bear Cubs

January 6, 2017 1:19 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Orphaned Polar Bears

Two polar bear cubs who arrived to Assiniboine Park Zoo late last year need names. Voting for the female (left) and male names is taking place on the zoo’s website. (APC / HANDOUTS)

WINNIPEG — Two orphaned polar bear cubs moved from northern Manitoba to Assiniboine Park Zoo in late 2016 need names.

The bears, one female and one male, were rescued by conservation officials after wandering away on their own. Had they stayed in Churchill, chances are slim that they would have survived the winter.

Potential names for the female cub were chosen by children and staff at the Churchill Children’s Centre. Zoo staff in Winnipeg chose two male finalist names.

The female name choices are:

  • Pesim (pronounced Pee-sim) — Cree word for moon
  • Nanuq (pronounced Nan-ook) — Inuit word for polar bear

The male name choices are:

  • Siku (pronounced See-koo) – Inuit word for ice
  • Kisik (pronounced Kee-syk) – Cree word for sky

“We are excited to involve the community in the naming of the two cubs,” said Laura Cabak with the Assiniboine Park Conservancy. “It’s a great opportunity for the public to get involved and also to remind everyone of the serious impacts of climate change.”

The public can vote now until Monday, January 9 at noon on the Assiniboine Park Zoo website. The names will be revealed on January 12.