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WRHA Closing QuickCare Clinic on St. Mary’s Road

January 6, 2017 12:51 PM | News

QuickCare Clinic

The QuickCare Clinic at 17 St. Mary’s Road will close January 27. (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority will close the QuickCare Clinic on St. Mary’s Road at the end of the month.

The building’s lease will not be renewed and staff members will be redeployed to other Quick Care Clinic locations.

“Redeploying staff to the remaining five QuickCare Clinic locations will stabilize staffing for Winnipeggers who need access to non-urgent health services in their communities,” said Jeanette Edwards, regional director of primary health care for the WRHA.

Edwards says it has been a challenge to recruit nurse practitioners to staff six clinics, which sometimes had to close outside of their regular hours due to staffing shortages.

ARCHIVE VIDEO: St. Boniface QuickCare Clinic opens on November 23, 2012:

“When the lease came up for renewal the decision to move towards closing this location now was practical from a property management perspective.”

The five remaining QuickCare Clinics are located at:

  • 620 Dakota Street (French service available)
  • 104-930 Jefferson Avenue
  • 363 McGregor Street
  • 3250 Portage Avenue
  • 170-115 Vermillion Road (French service available)

The Progressive Conservative provincial government recently criticized the former NDP government for entering into long-term leases for QuickCare clinics, which they wanted to double had they won another term in last spring’s election. There’s no indication government involvement was the reasoning behind the pending closure.

The last day of operation for the St. Mary’s location will be January 27.