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Winnipeg’s Cold Snap Has an End in Sight

January 12, 2017 8:10 AM | News

Winter Snowflake

WINNIPEG — Look on the bright side, it could be much colder out.

With both an extreme cold warning and a blowing snow advisory in effect Thursday morning, the weekend’s balmy temperatures will be a treat.

But first, we need to get past the -40 to -45 wind chill factors of today and up to 90 km/h winds.

“A fast moving cold front has swept across southern Saskatchewan overnight and southern Manitoba early this morning,” Environment Canada said.

“Light snow and blowing snow will reduce visibilities to near zero in open areas for a few hours with the passage of this front as northwest winds gust as high as 90 km/h.”

Fast forward to the weekend, where daytime highs are said to be -9°C on Saturday and -6°C on Sunday. A perfect weekend to skate down the newly-opened river trail. The warmth looks to stretch into next week as well, with even more pleasant temperatures Monday through Wednesday.

Today’s high, however, is a bitterly frigid -22°C before dropping overnight to -32°C.

For updated road conditions, visit Manitoba511.ca.