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PETA to Protest Winnipeg-Filmed ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Opening

January 26, 2017 10:41 AM | Entertainment

A Dog's Purpose

An investigation has been launched after the filming of this scene during “A Dog’s Purpose” in 2015 in Winnipeg, where a German shepherd was forced into a pool of turbulent water. (TMZ.COM)

PETA plans to protest the opening night of “A Dog’s Purpose” after a viral video from the Winnipeg-filmed movie set showed a German shepherd in distress.

“No amount of spin from Hollywood will change the fact that being forced to do a terrifying stunt is not a dog’s purpose,” said PETA senior vice-president Lisa Lange. “PETA is calling on kind people to boycott this film and send the message that animals should be treated humanely, not exploited and abused as movie props.

Aside from Winnipeg, protests have also been organized in more than 25 other cities across North America, including Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C.

The protests come as the German shepherd was shown being forced into turbulent water during shooting of the movie in Winnipeg. The film stars actor Dennis Quaid and has been the subject of boycott calls from animal advocates since footage of the incident surfaced on TMZ.

PETA will have protesters out on Friday at Scotiabank Theatre at Polo Park prior to the 7:40 p.m. screening.