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New Film to Show Winnipeg Students Risks of Drinking and Driving

February 23, 2017 6:43 AM | News

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Students at River East Collegiate will get a first-hand look today at how impaired driving can devastate lives.

MADD Canada and Manitoba Public Insurance are screening a new educational film, “In the Blink of An Eye.”

The film is touring schools across the province from February to June.

In the Blink of an Eye tells the story of best friends Gabby and Sarah. One night, as the girls prepare to go to a party, they are joined by Sarah’s boyfriend Dylan, and his friend Asif. Sarah drinks and smokes pot with Dylan and Asif, while Gabby declines. Dylan, anxious to get to the party, decides to drive rather than wait for a cab. His friends strongly object. A very upset Sarah calls 911 to report Dylan. Even though Gabby, Asif and Sarah all do the right thing, a tragic twist of fate ends a friendship and ruins many lives. The fictional story is followed by the powerful real-life accounts of three victims of impaired driving.

MADD Canada produces a new film every year to educate young people on the risks of impaired driving. A total of 109 presentations of the film will be made, including at 24 schools in northern Manitoba.

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