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Festival du Voyageur Sees Dip in Attendance

February 27, 2017 3:57 PM | Entertainment

Festival du VoyageurWINNIPEG — Despite the unseasonably warm weather, this year’s Festival du Voyageur drew in 94,000 visitors to all official festival sites.

Above freezing temperatures the first week of Festival didn’t prove kind to the snow sculptures inside Voyageur Park and around the city, nor did it help with keeping the park in favourable conditions.

“Of course, warmer than usual temperature did present certain challenges, but they also saw attendance on the first weekend of festivities increase,” said executive director Ginette Lavack Walters.

“Also, festivalgoers were thrilled with the world-class and diverse programming that was on offer this year which pleases us very much.”

Attendance was down about four percent overall, with many outdoor activities cancelled, including some programming at the Rendez-vous on Ice (on the Red River Mutual Trail).

The 49th edition of Festival du Voyageur is February 16 to 25, 2018.