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Assiniboine Park Seeking 150 Summer Volunteers

March 1, 2017 1:31 PM | News

Assiniboine Park Zoo

Assiniboine Park Zoo (CHRISD.CA FILE)

The Assiniboine Park Conservancy is in the market for 150 volunteers for the upcoming summer season.

A variety of roles are available in the park and within in the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

“Park and Zoo volunteers perform a wide variety of roles throughout the organization and are an integral part of our team,” said Shaun Leonoff, advisor, volunteer resources.

“If you love the outdoors, wildlife and engaging with people, I encourage you to apply to our program today.”

Volunteers must be at least 16-years-old. Current opportunities include ambassadors, interpreters, visitor services concierge, special events assistants and Zoo Camp Crew.

The application deadline is May 26. Apply online or email volunteer@assiniboinepark.ca.