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Province Creating 739 New Child-Care Spaces

March 9, 2017 9:54 AM | News

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WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is creating 739 new child-care spaces at a cost of $6.2 million through 15 community-based capital projects.

The province has announced plans to modernize the early learning and child-care system by addressing regulatory barriers for operators.

Families Minister Scott Fielding says the plan calls to expedite licensing renewals for centres with a track record of full compliance with regulations.

“Families across Manitoba understand the importance of safe and affordable child-care options and it has been evident since forming government, there are many opportunities for us to improve and modernize the system to ensure it is meeting the needs of Manitobans,” said Fielding.

Other improvements include streamlining applications of certified early childhood educators who wish to open a licensed family child-care home, simplifying and speeding up the process for age exemptions, improving public access to information regarding processes for opening child-care centres, and complete the ongoing review of Manitoba’s child-care legislation.