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Thieves Break into Manitoba Hydro Yards, Vandalize Vehicles

March 21, 2017 12:23 PM | News

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WINNIPEG — Three Manitoba Hydro yards were broken into last weekend, resulting in the theft of items from several vehicles.

Hydro says the yards on Dawson Road, Redwood Avenue, and Pandora Avenue were compromised, along with 10 of its service vehicles.

Thieves made off with notebooks containing limited customer information, a photo identification card, and a number of Manitoba Hydro uniform ties.

Hydro says the stolen items were obtained when the vehicle windows were smashed.

“We are working closely with the Winnipeg Police Service as they perform their investigation,” said Scott Powell, Manitoba Hydro’s manager of public affairs.

“We are also conducting our own internal review of this matter as our work procedures are designed to ensure that customer information or other sensitive materials are not left in vehicles during off hours.”

The public utility is asking customers to ask all Manitoba Hydro employees who approach their home for official photo identification, and to check if the employee is driving a clearly marked Hydro vehicle.

Anyone with information on the thefts should contact Winnipeg police or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (204) 786-8477.