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ChrisD.ca + HTFC Connect People and Places with New Summer Photo Contest

May 30, 2017 10:14 AM | Site News

Upper Fort Garry

ChrisD.ca and HTFC Planning & Design are teaming up to encourage Winnipeggers to get out and enjoy the many public spaces our city has to offer. On Instagram, ChrisD.ca and HTFC will post one Winnipeg space every month from June to August. Snap your best picture of the space and tag @chrisdca + @htfcpwg for a chance to win a copy of your photograph, beautifully framed with its original design sketch/rendering.

“While Winnipeggers are embracing our winter roots, we also look forward to our beautiful, hot summer months. We savour our many fantastic patios, parks, festivals, and public urban spaces,” says Maureen Krauss, principal at HTFC Planning & Design. “We want to encourage people to spend more time enjoying the great civic spaces that make Winnipeg come alive in summer. It’s fun and interactive and we can’t wait to see the photos!”

All submissions will be shared on ChrisD.ca and htfc.mb.ca, with the winning photographer and photograph featured as a news article, complete with information about that public space.

HTFC Planning & Design is a forward-thinking design collaborative working in the prairie, boreal, forest and arctic regions of Canada. Their diverse team of planning and design professionals specialize in regional planning, community development, landscape architecture, urban design, and cultural resource management. HTFC strives to truly connect people with their environments, promoting the symbiotic relationships between people and place.

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