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Tips for Saving on Summer Entertaining

July 2, 2017 8:21 AM | News


(NC) — With the hot weather in full swing, many of us are gearing up for outdoor entertaining. But whether you throw a barbecue or host a campfire roast, you’ll soon realize that summer entertaining starts to add up.

Canadians are already smart and use their wallets wisely when it comes to grocery shopping. In fact, according to a recent survey, there are two main factors we take into consideration before even stepping out the door with our list: fair pricing and good value for money.

Joe Scire, a No Frills store owner, knows his customers are looking for fresh food at great deals.

“I consider myself an advocate for the savvy shopper and I want my customers to wear their frugality like a badge of honour and save as much as they can” he says. “In every aisle of my store you can find essentially the same quality food as offered by other stores, but at a lower price. Those fancy displays at other stores don’t change the fact that a banana is a banana.”

In speaking to his customers, Scire knows that summer entertaining is on everyone’s minds. He wants his community to know that in addition to the low prices found at his store, there are some other great ways to be known as the host with the most without worrying about breaking the bank. Here are his top tips for saving on your next grocery shopping trip:

• Check the weekly flyer and stock up on sale items.

• Take advantage of price matching to score the best savings in a single store.

• Use a rewards program to earn points and save on a future grocery bill.

• Make a list to reduce impulse buys.

• Know the everyday price for your staple grocery items and shop where you can get the best value.

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