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Winnipeg Relaying Real-Time Traffic Delays Surrounding Waverley Underpass Project

July 26, 2017 2:31 PM | News

Waverley Underpass

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman speaks during a news conference regarding the Waverley Underpass on Friday, May 5, 2017. (KATE FENSKE / CN / TWITTER)

WINNIPEG — A new system has been put in place to notify drivers of potential delays during their commute around the Waverley Underpass construction project.

The City of Winnipeg says travel time information will be displayed in real-time on an electronic message board on northbound Waverley Street in advance of McGillivray, so motorists can consider alternate routes.

“This is precisely the type of innovative thinking we need to improve transportation efficiency,” Mayor Brian Bowman said in a release. “As a city, we need to continue researching and looking for innovative ways to improve transportation across our city by building better and smarter, as well as continuing to gather and provide timely information to commuters to improve efficiency.”

The city says Winnipeg is the first city to use the innovative travel time information system.

It works by having sensors detect the presence of trains and vehicle traffic, and predict travel times for northbound Waverley traffic from McGillivray Boulevard to Taylor Avenue. Detection of inbound train traffic will allow predictive algorithms to forecast rail-induced delays on Waverley Street before they occur.

Updates on the project are being provided on the city’s website.