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Winnipeg Humane Society Declares ‘State of Emergency’ for Cats

August 12, 2017 8:40 AM | News

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The Winnipeg Humane Society has so many cats in its care, the shelter has declared a state of emergency.

“You know it is going to be a tough day at our shelter when staff come to your office in tears, absolutely stressed about caring properly for our beloved animals,” the WHS wrote on its website.

The shelter has 437 cats right now and the number is growing each day. In the last week, a month’s supply of cat food and litter has been used.

CEO Javier Schwersensky says the spike in felines coming to the shelter can be attributed to a number of reasons:

  • Every animal coming into shelter is given a fair chance at finding a new home, despite age or any health concerns
  • Multiple hoarding situations where a group of cats is surrendered at one time
  • A new outreach initiative in Winnipeg’s core locating cats in need of rescue
  • Stray cats across the city arriving at the shelter

The Winnipeg Humane Society says the public can help by adopting a cat, including those that are ill or have recovered from URI (kitty cold), foster a feline, or make a donation.