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Tide Rolls in for New ‘Summertide’ Event at The Forks

August 20, 2017 8:08 AM | Entertainment


WINNIPEG — A new series of arts programming at The Forks is mixing architecture, music, wonder, theatre, dance and literature into one.

Summertide is a 15-day multimedia celebration launching on Monday.

“We’re trying a wide variety of things in our inaugural year on different days and at different times than normal. We hope to gauge what people like the most, what intrigues them and what made them stop and want more,” said Paul Jordan, CEO of The Forks. “If it’s successful we hope to build on it and add to it for next year.”

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet will host a day of rehearsals outdoors, joined by pop-ups, installations, talks and events: rock stars talking about newspapers, murals being painted with trains overhead, musicians in gardens, a choir in canoes in suits made of light, a bike parade full of tricycles and toddlers, birdhouses that sing to you and a handful of other amusing oddities.

Summertide is August 21 to September 4. For a complete rundown of what to expect, visit TheForks.com/summertide.