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Coal and Canary Opening Retail Shop at The Forks

October 4, 2017 1:57 PM | News

Coal and Canary

Coal and Canary’s Amanda Buhse (right) and co-owner Tom Jansen (FACEBOOK)

After a trial run of storefront retail in the Exchange District, Winnipeg candle company Coal and Canary is setting up shop at The Forks.

Co-owner Amanda Buhse says the CentreVenture PUSH Program gave the company a chance to test the bricks and mortar concept.

“It was the perfect stepping stone to realize what we needed to open a permanent location and figure out exactly what we wanted in a storefront,” she said.

The new location will offer the company’s complete line of candles for purchase, as well as space to host workshops and events.

“It gives us a chance to meet the people who have supported our company for the past three years and maybe introduce them to something new, added co-owner Tom Jansen.

“Our goal is to change the typical retail experience for our customers.”

Coal and Canary launched in 2014 and is known for their 50-hour burn time candles featuring wooden wicks. The company’s sassy-named candles recently went national with a new partnership through Cabela’s.

The new location at The Forks opens November 1.