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Table for One: 529 Wellington Most Popular Solo-Dining Spot

November 7, 2017 10:03 AM | News

529 Wellington

529 Wellington (TRIPADVISOR.CA)

You wouldn’t normally think of 529 Wellington as being a restaurant one would choose to dine solo, but according to OpenTable, you would be wrong.

The online reservation service named the high-end Winnipeg steakhouse as one of Canada’s most popular eateries to make a reservation for one among 24 others nationwide.

The revelation comes as OpenTable revealed that reservations for parties of one have grown nationally by 85 percent since 2015.

“This increase in the number of reservations made for one illustrates shifting attitudes in Canadian dining culture,” said Ziv Schierau, head of national accounts for OpenTable Canada.

“Instead of opting for takeout or room service, Canadians are embracing solo dining and the opportunity to unwind and enjoy a unique meal at their own pace.”

Nationally, data found 43 percent of solo dining reservations are for dinner, followed by lunch at 30 percent.

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