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Police Crack Coke Ring in Brandon; 10 Charged

November 15, 2017 3:06 PM | News

Brandon Police Service CrestTen people have been charged as part of a five-month-long investigation into cocaine trafficking in the Brandon and Westman area.

Dubbed Project Dejure, Brandon police and RCMP teamed up and began investigating in June 2017.

Police laid 22 cocaine trafficking charges, as well as possession and proceeds of crime charges.

The following people were arrested:

  • Trent Stokes, 29
  • James Nepinak, 26
  • Owen Stevenson, 25
  • Harley Malcom, 25
  • Emma Nankivell, 34
  • Tyson Surminsky ,27
  • Crystal Larose, 34
  • Nelson Berard, 39

All eight have been released pending future court dates.

Arrest warrants have been issued for Chelsea Brazeau, 22, and Parker McDonald, 22.

Police say they seized 54.1 grams of cocaine valued at $5,400.