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Thompson Teen Charged After Terrorizing Community with Pellet Gun

November 27, 2017 4:27 PM | News

RCMP Logo VehicleA 16-year-old Thompson boy who armed himself with a BB gun is facing several charges.

Police in the northern Manitoba community say last Thursday evening and Friday morning, they received multiple reports of an armed male.

The teen is said to have threatened staff at a local hotel bar as he was being removed by security. Police say he told staff he would return with a gun and “shoot up” the establishment.

Shortly thereafter, a taxi with its emergency beacon activated pulled into the Thompson RCMP detachment parking lot. The driver reported he was picking up customers when the teen approached him with a gun and then shot at the taxi.


Minutes later, a woman was robbed at gunpoint and a vehicle was shot at in a local school parking lot.

As police were responding, all local businesses were told to lock their doors. The Thompson hospital was also placed on lockdown.

Police arrested the teen early Friday and seized a pellet gun rifle from a residence. He has been charged with robbery with a firearm and uttering threats.

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