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Tax-Related Scams Still Prevalent: Winnipeg Police

December 14, 2017 9:59 AM | News

Canada Revenue Agency


Winnipeg police are continuing to receive reports about taxation-related scams.

Police say the gimmick is the same as before, where fraudsters contact the victim under the guise of working for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) by either telephone or email.

Personal information is obtained from the victim and they are informed that they owe outstanding taxes.

“Unfortunately, they are often very aggressive even going as far as saying that they have the police on the way to the victim?s door to arrest them if they do not pay immediately,” police said.

The most common victims are often new Canadians or those not as familiar with the Canadian tax or justice system.

Victims are often told they can pay their outstanding balance by going to a store and purchasing a prepaid credit or gift card, or by sending a money transfer.

Tips to remember:

  • The Canada Revenue Agency has your identity information and will not use the phone to solicit it.
  • The CRA will never ask you to purchase gift cards or to attend a money transfer business.
  • If you do receive a phone call, contact the CRA, with a phone number that you look up, to confirm the details.

The latest information on tax scams and other frauds can be found by visiting the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.