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Manitoba Cold Snap Reminding Motorists to Plug In

December 20, 2017 9:10 AM | News

Block Heater Plug CordWINNIPEG — With more seasonal temperatures arriving to greet us for the first (official) day of winter on Thursday, CAA Manitoba wants to ensure motorists are plugging in.

A cold snap is enveloping southern Manitoba heading into Christmas, with overnight lows nearly hitting -30°C.

“Using a block heater keeps engine components warm, which helps make starting your car easier, and reduces wear and tear on your vehicle – but you don’t need to plug in your car all night to reap the benefits,” said CAA Manitoba spokesperson Erika Miller.

“Contrary to popular belief, plugging in a block heater for more than three hours before you need to leave is only wasting energy.”

Miller says when the temperature is -15°C or lower and you’re parked outside, it’s ideal to plug your vehicle in three hours before you intend to be driving.

CAA also suggests checking your battery’s charge (most have an optimal lifespan of five years), and replacing the battery as required.

CAA members requiring roadside assistance can call 1-800-222-4357, or request service online and through the CAA mobile app.

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