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Off-Duty Winnipeg Cop Cleared in Accident Involving Pedestrian

December 20, 2017 6:55 AM | News

Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba - IIUAn off-duty Winnipeg police officer who hit a pedestrian with his vehicle will not be facing charges.

The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba ruled the collision in October was an accident caused by a distorted view.

The 46-year-old woman was crossing southbound across Portage Avenue and Langside Street when the light turned green to eastbound traffic. The IIU says the woman started jogging across the street but was unable to see the officer’s approaching car in the curb lane because her view was obstructed by a transit bus in the second lane from the curb. The officer also couldn’t see the pedestrian due to the transit bus.

Witnesses, including the bus driver — along with surveillance video and forensics at the scene — confirmed the pedestrian crossed the four eastbound lanes of Portage Avenue outside of a designated crosswalk while traffic had the green light.

The IIU’s report ruled it was impossible for the officer to avoid hitting the pedestrian.

— Staff

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