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Ice Castles at The Forks Opening January 5

December 28, 2017 4:58 PM | Entertainment

Ice Castles

Ice Castles will open at The Forks January 5. (A.J. MELLOR PHOTO)

A new, wintry attraction is opening in the new year at The Forks.

Ice Castles has been under construction at Parks Canada Place for the last month, as artisans have been crafting their frozen creations into a must-see winter attraction.

The Utah-based company behind Ice Castles is also sculpting similar icicle-adorned archways in five other North American locations.


Winnipeg’s acre-sized interactive display will feature ice-carved tunnels, fountains, slides, frozen thrones, and spiralling towers embedded with colour-changing LED lights that twinkle to music at night.

Ice Castles opens to the public Friday, January 5, 2018. Tickets go on sale Friday through IceCastles.com. Monday to Thursday admission is cheaper and visitors can save even more by ordering their tickets in advance online.