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Winnipeg Residents Make 115 Reports of Frozen Pipes

December 28, 2017 10:40 AM | News

Frozen Pipe Thawing

City crews work to thaw a frozen pipe on Pritchard Avenue in this March 2014 file photo. (CHRISD.CA FILE)

The city says 115 reports have been received of frozen pipes in Winnipeg this winter due to freezing temperatures.

Residents are encouraged to weatherproof basements or crawlspaces to prevent internal plumbing from freezing.

The city says homeowners can insulate water pipes near the exterior walls, weather-seal windows, check for air leaks around electrical outlets, dryer vents and pipes, and heat areas of their homes containing water pipes. Residents can also open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to uninsulated pipes under sinks and appliances near outside walls. If water pipes are present within a garage, it’s recommended that the door remain closed as much as possible.

Four reports of underground frozen pipes have been received this season, which the city says is consistent with a normal Winnipeg winter.

Additional do-it-yourself tips to prevent frozen pipes can be found on Winnipeg.ca.