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Peppers & Pennies: Clementine Gin Muddle

January 15, 2018 8:59 AM | Columns

By Amanda Cortens (@PeppersPennies)

Clementine Gin Muddle

WINNIPEG, Man —  It’s Clementine season, friends! These bright and cheery citrus fruits are popping up in grocery stores across the province and they sure are a treat. Characteristically sweet and less acidic than oranges, they are a great for snacking, baking and cocktail creation! I like to have a few of these in my fruit bowl as I choose not to refrigerate citrus as the flavour is better that way. Sadly, they don’t last as long on the countertop. If you can’t use up your clementines in 5-ish days, it is recommended you throw ‘em in the fridge in the fruit crisper. Or, you can invite all your friends over and have a Clementine and Gin Muddle party.

Clementine Gin MuddleThis Gin and Clementine Muddle is a bright and zesty winter cocktail that is sure to add a bit of sunshine to your grey winter! Muddling the clementines and limes releases the oils and flavours found in the rind of this citrus fruit. You can simply squeeze the fruit, but it will not give off as fresh or intense of a citrus flavour.

Muddlers are most commonly used for mojitos and can be picked up at a kitchenware store for a few bucks. You don’t need need to get anything fancy as they are a pretty simple utensil.  Don’t have the time to run-out and buy one? Don’t fret! Use a medium-sized wooden spoon on the citrus with a mashing and grinding motion. It will do the trick just fine! Cheers!

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