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Police Cleared in Suspect’s Allegations of In-Custody Beating

February 14, 2018 10:43 AM | News

Winnipeg Police Headquarters

Winnipeg police headquarters, 245 Smith Street (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

A Winnipeg police officer has been cleared of any charges related to a complaint brought forward by a man who said he was beaten in an interview room at police headquarters.

The alleged incident occurred in May 2017, when the man said he was hit in the nose and eye by one officer.

The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba was called in to investigate, where they heard the man allege he was pushed out a door and into the street following the assault. Friends picked the victim up and took him to hospital for treatment of a broken nose.

The IIU used surveillance video from both inside and outside police headquarters, as well as medical reports from two Winnipeg hospitals where the man had x-rays taken.

They determined that while the suspect was injured, his allegations didn’t align with the beating he said happened.

Charges against the man on an unrelated matter remain before the courts.