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Back-In, Angled Parking Could Become Permanent in Exchange: City

February 21, 2018 10:01 AM | News

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Backing your vehicle into a parking spot along a section of Bannatyne Avenue could be a permanent fixture after a pilot project last summer yielded positive results.

The city wants to also expand the idea to other areas of the Exchange District.

Since July, the city has been testing back-in, angled parking on the south side of Bannatyne Avenue between Rorie Street and Waterfront Drive. Ten additional parking stalls were added as a result of changing the parallel parking stalls to back-in, angled parking.

Point Douglas Councillor Mike Pagtakhan says the idea of back in, angled parking has been sitting well with residents and business owners.


“With the ever-increasing popularity of the Exchange District as a shopping, dining and entertainment destination for Winnipeggers from across the city, making the most of parking in the area is crucial to its continued success,” Pagtakhan said.

During the test phase, the city also found that traffic was not adversely affected by the change from two-way to one-way traffic on this section of Bannatyne Avenue.

The city also wants to implement a similar parking strategy along McDermot Avenue from Waterfront Drive to Rorie Street, while the city is recommending the street be converted to one-way, eastbound traffic with back-in angled parking this year, adding nine additional parking spaces.

In addition, the Winnipeg Parking Authority will be adjusting loading zones in the area in order to create an additional 33 daytime parking spaces plus four evening parking spaces.

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