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City Refurbishes 17 Sand Spreader Trucks

February 28, 2018 10:31 AM | News

Winnipeg Sanding Trucks

The City of Winnipeg has added 17 refurbished sand spreader trucks to its fleet. (@CITYOFWINNIPEG / TWITTER)

The City of Winnipeg is touting 17 newly-refurbished sand spreader trucks with a saving of $1.9 million to taxpayers.

The city says it used recycled and reconditioned nine-year-old aluminium and stainless steel sand spreader truck bodies for the trucks.

“Repurposing equipment is an innovative alternative to heavy equipment acquisition that yields a lot of benefits to the City of Winnipeg and to taxpayers,” said Dennis Konowich, Winnipeg Fleet Management Agency COO.


“Refurbishing the sand spreader trucks has resulted in substantial savings, has allowed us to be more efficient in our operations, and reduces environmental impact.”

The city says it took new aluminium truck chassis and re-mounted them onto emission-compliant engines. The lighter trucks are said to increase productivity, efficiency, and use less fuel.

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