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Agape Table Soup Kitchen on the Move

March 13, 2018 7:09 AM | News

Agape TableA community soup kitchen in Winnipeg will be moving into its new home by the end of June.

Agape Table will rent space at The Wave Church at 364 Furby Street after entering into an agreement with Waves of Glory Inc.

The organization services a weekday breakfast to more than 300 low-income Winnipeggers and currently operates out of the All Saints Anglican Church on Colony Street. The current hall will no longer be available once the church carries out plans to redevelop the property.


“All Saints has been an enthusiastic, compassionate, and accommodating landlord,” said Jim Steep, chair of the Agape Table Board.

“They have extended our rental agreement a couple of times to accommodate our search. We are very grateful for our 30-year relationship with them.”

During the transition, Agape says it hopes not to miss a single weekday breakfast.

The soup kitchen is asking for donations to help cover transition costs, kitchen renovations, and ongoing operations associated with its move in a few months.