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Manitoba City Offering Free High-Speed Internet to Residents

April 5, 2018 4:49 PM | News

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Residents living in Morden, Manitoba now have access to free high-speed internet. Yes, free!

The southern Manitoba city says Morenet is one of the first 5G internet service providers in Canada to provide the service.

Download and upload speeds are said to reach 100Mbps, with service becoming available immediately to some residents and businesses. All Morden residents will be online by September 2018, with the goal to offer full 1Gbps service by 2021.

“City council is thrilled to offer this service,” said Mayor Ken Wiebe. “We believe that having this service available so quickly will attract more development and business to the community and alleviate the frustration with internet service that we have heard from Morden residents for many years.”

Officials say free internet access is intended to be provided in the same way that the city already provides library, recreation, water, sewer, transportation, and other essential city services.