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30 Bike Racks to Be Donated to Winnipeg Schools

April 13, 2018 9:16 AM | News


As physical activity among kids is on a decline across the country, several Winnipeg schools will aim to buck that trend.

The Green Action Centre is awarding 30 free bike racks to any Winnipeg school interested in applying to promote active travel among students.

“This is a great opportunity for schools to get a bike rack and support families and staff who choose to bike to school. We know many schools have been trying to raise funds for one, so we’re excited to offer this for the first time,” said Lea Coté with the Active and Safe Routes to School Program at Green Action Centre.


According to GAC, cycling as a means of transportation has slipped from 48 percent in 1969 to 13 percent in recent years.

The ASRTS program works to increase the number of students walking, cycling and using other active modes of transportation for the trip to and from school.

Schools interested in obtaining a bike rack can apply by April 27 at GreenActionCentre.ca. Schools will be selected early May based on demonstrating a strong need for bike storage due to a lack of existing infrastructure or the inadequacy as a result of disrepair or theft.