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Brandon Police Invite Owner of Drugs to Claim Them

April 20, 2018 10:04 AM | News

Brandon Police Service CrestBrandon police have an offer for the owner of drugs that were turned into them: come have a talk with an officer!

The enticing invitation comes after someone turned in a lost suitcase to police on Thursday that was found in the 200 block 18th Street North. Police say the person told them the luggage appeared to have fallen out of the back of someone’s vehicle.

Officers searched the suitcase and found a tube containing a small amount of white, powdery substances believed to be cocaine and methamphetamine.

“If the suitcase and contents belong to you, you are invited to attend to the police service’s building and claim them, and possibly have a talk with an officer,” police said in a release.

Besides the suitcase, its owner can also claim a free pair of tightly-fitted handcuffs.