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Empress Street Tops List as Manitoba’s ‘Worst Road’

April 26, 2018 11:17 AM | News

CAA Worst Roads - PotholeThe votes are in and Manitobans have named Empress Street as the worst road in the province.

Results of CAA Manitoba’s seventh annual Worst Roads campaign were released Thursday, crowing the St. James area street with the dubious title.

“It’s no surprise that Empress St. took the top dishonour in our campaign — it’s been a popular vote for many years thanks to the fact it’s falling apart at the seams,” said CAA Manitoba spokesperson Liz Kulyk.

“We’re pleased Empress is scheduled for reconstruction with a new bike lane addition this year, but the reality is, that Winnipeggers should not have had to wait this long to get a fix.”


Voters chose their picks for the worst roads based on potholes, crumbling pavement and safety concerns. Hundreds of cyclists also voiced their opinions around a lack of cycling infrastructure on certain routes, while pedestrians named no walking infrastructure and poor walking infrastructure as their top two bones of contention over the campaign.

Results of the campaign will be shared with the city and province for consideration in future infrastructure budget allocation.

Final Worst Roads 2018 rankings

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