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Cooler Temps Dampen Fire Activity; Burn Ban Remains In Place

May 10, 2018 11:18 AM | News

Grass Fire

A large grass fire burns near Dugald Road just east of Lagimodiere Boulevard on Sunday, April 29, 2018. (@UFFW867)

Winnipeg firefighters say they did not respond to any grass or brush fires Wednesday or overnight Thursday, as temperatures dipped below 0C.

However, a burn ban remains in place for the City of Winnipeg and much of southern Manitoba. This includes all open-air burning, including backyard firepits.

“The ban will be lifted when environmental conditions improve,” said the WFPS.

Winnipeg and parts of Southern and Central Manitoba have been experiencing an unusually dry spring, with only a fraction of the precipitation normally received by this time of year.

Residents can reduce the risk of grass/brush fires by:

  • Keeping shrubs and trees near buildings trimmed and watered.
  • Storing flammable material safely.
  • Disposing of leaves, lumber and yard waste properly and promptly.
  • Ensuring that shrubs and flower beds are regularly cleared of dead plant matter.
  • Not extinguishing cigars or cigarettes in potted plants, as potting soil and peat moss can be flammable.
  • Keep firewood stored away from the house or garage.

“If you live close to wildland areas, we recommend that you keep a 10-meter buffer zone around your house,” said Tom Wallace, Deputy Chief of Support Services with WFPS. “Vegetation management, including thinning and pruning plants and trees, as well as general cleanup of brush, leaves, grass and debris can help mitigate the risk of grass and brush fires.”

So far this year, the WFPS have doused 55 grass and bush fires. If people spot others burning materials, they are encouraged to call 911.