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Food Musings: Mon Ami Louis

June 6, 2018 9:15 AM | Columns

By Kathryne Grisim (@foodmuser)

Mon Ami Louis


There are certain signs of summer when you live in Winnipeg-the fruit trees in full bloom, the quickly flowing Red River, bikes and pedestrians everywhere and in the case of this year, the end of the hockey season. In addition, now that Mon Ami Louis opens only for the fair weather months, the opening of its doors on the Provencher Bridge.

Three good friends were assembled that day-one of the first sunny and balmy days of the season. The air conditioning actually provided some relief as we entered. I was warm from making the trek from my parked car and across the bridge when one of the trios pointed out that there is some designated parking for Mon Ami Louis guests on the east side of the river. I will research that option next time.

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