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Leave the Car Parked: Bike Week Winnipeg is Here

June 18, 2018 6:52 AM | News


Cyclists are gearing up for a week of bike-related activities in celebration of active and healthier modes of transportation in Winnipeg.

Bike to Work Day is today and is the signature event of Bike Week Winnipeg. The single day offers several pitstops at designated locations to cyclists as they make their commute into the city’s core.

Organizers have traditionally held Bike to Work Day on a Friday, but moved it this year to get festivities up and running.


“We anticipate higher numbers by moving to Monday, as often in the past we have lost an audience who doesn’t work Fridays or heads out of town on weekends during the summer. It is another one of our efforts to make programming accessible to all,” said Jennie O’Keefe, Bike Week event producer with Fête Jockey Events.

Bike Week Winnipeg has also adopted Ciclovia into its lineup of events — previously part of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s ManyFest event for the past eight years.

“As a member of the Ciclovia planning committee, it was evident for some time that Ciclovia was lost as part of the larger ManyFest event. Having Ciclovia, which means “cycleway,” associated with an event primarily focused on bicycles not only makes sense but the hope is to make it the event that we all envisioned eight years ago,” said Dave Elmore, Bike Week Winnipeg board chair.

A list of activities is available by visiting the Bike Week Winnipeg website.