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WHS Staycation Program Allows Dogs to Take Weekend Trips

July 5, 2018 9:20 AM | News


Dog lovers in Winnipeg are being invited to take home a pooch for the weekend to help them get a change of scenery outside of the Winnipeg Humane Society.

The shelter’s Weekend Staycation Program gives dogs a much-needed break and a chance for families to engage with the animals.

“Winnipeg is a beautiful city for sightseeing and a great place to have a staycation. We want dogs from our shelter to share in that experience with you by having a staycation of their own,” said Kyle Jahns, WHS communications coordinator.


“By providing a dog with a home for the weekend, you’re helping them relax and reduce stress.”

The program is run through the WHS foster department and is for medium and large breed dogs that are displaying signs of discomfort or stress in the shelter.

Families must register online and applicants will be matched with a dog based on their living situation. Participants will be supplied with all the food and equipment needed for the stay, along with an ‘Adopt Me’ vest for their dog to wear in public.

Fosters will provide the WHS with a profile of the dog after returning to the shelter and are encouraged to share photos and videos of their weekend with the dog on social media using the hashtag #WHSstaycation.