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Winnipegger Swimming, Cycling, Running to Mark 70th Birthday

July 15, 2018 9:21 AM | News

John Sawchuk

John Sawchuk is aiming to raise $7,777 for the Lake Winnipeg Foundation through his Purejohn 70 Challenge. (FACEBOOK)

WINNIPEG — John Sawchuk doesn’t celebrate his 70th birthday like the average person his age.

The Winnipegger is swimming, cycling and running to draw attention to both the health and fitness of people, and the health and fitness of Lake Winnipeg.

Sawchuk’s goal is a lofty 777 kilometres in only 28 days.

“In tackling my endurance challenge, I hope that others reflect on their own health and fitness and what can be done to maintain and improve it,” he said.


“I also want to increase the awareness of the condition of our Lake Winnipeg, and what can be done to help its health and fitness.”

Sawchuk’s journey is beginning July 26 and will end on August 21, his birthday. Along the way, he will also be raising funds for the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, an environmental charity that advocates for change and co-ordinates action to address the root causes of harmful algae blooms on Lake Winnipeg.

The Purejohn70 Challenge will consist of four-day segments, each totalling 111 kilometres and repeated seven times. Day 1 will include swimming one kilometre, cycling 100 kilometres on the second day, running 10 kilometres on the third and resting on the fourth day.

Sawchuk has been chronicling his training routine on Facebook and will continue to post updates along the way.

— Staff