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Manitoba Justice Fines Ontario Door-to-Door Sales Company

July 23, 2018 12:14 PM | News



Manitoba Justice’s Consumer Protection Office has fined an Ontario-based door-to-door direct sales company $10,000.

Two fines of $5,000 each have been levied against 950688 Canada Incorporated, doing business as True North Home Solutions for conducting door-to-door direct sales of HVAC, water filtration and air-quality systems in Manitoba without a vendor licence and direct seller licence.

The province says vendors and direct sellers needed to be licensed by the CPO. Under the Consumer Protection Act, corporations are subject to an administrative penalty of $5,000 for the first contravention, $10,000 for a second and $20,000 for any subsequent contravention.

“Manitoba consumers who enter direct sales agreements with unlicensed businesses or individuals have one year to cancel their purchase,” the province said in a release. “Anyone who has entered into a contract with an unlicensed direct seller and wants to cancel should contact the CPO for advice on how to proceed.”

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