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Beat the Rush: Folklorama Takes Ticket Sales Online

July 31, 2018 4:21 PM | Entertainment

Korean Pavilion - Folklorama

Performers in Folklorama’s Korean pavilion put on a show. (HANDOUT)

WINNIPEG — Gone are the days of waiting outside in a muggy line to see your favourite Folklorama pavilion.

As the 49th annual edition of Manitoba’s favourite multicultural festival launches this weekend, attendees can secure their spot buy purchase their tickets online.

“Tickets are for specific pavilions, dates, and show times for all 44 pavilions,” said Teresa Cotroneo, acting executive director.


“We are encouraging guests to buy online tickets in advance to make their festival experience customized and convenient. Waiting in line to get into a particular show is a thing of the past as guests are guaranteed entrance to the show time they purchase tickets for.”

Folklorama piloted the online ticketing system during last year’s festival.

Online ticket sales will be available until one before each show time. If available, tickets can still be purchased at the door.

The Manitoba government has also proclaimed August 5-18 to be Folklorama Weeks. An official proclamation was made bySport, Culture and Heritage Minister Cathy Cox during a media launch on Tuesday at the Centro Caboto Centre.