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For Bridgwater Neighbourhoods, ‘Designed to Be Neighbourly’ is More Than a Catchy Ad Slogan

September 14, 2018 7:00 AM | Columns

The following is a paid advertorial on behalf of the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater.

Bridgwater Neighbourhoods

From the very beginning, the goal for Bridgwater has been to capture the sense of a community where everybody knows one another; an old-fashioned small town nestled within a larger city. As Bridgwater has evolved, that design is becoming a reality for family after family.

Every facet of Bridgwater is guided by thoughtful, careful planning that starts with design and architectural guidelines that ensure every house feels like a truly unique home. Colours, styles, and landscaping strike a balance between personal preference and larger neighbourhood aesthetics resulting in street after street of beautiful places for people to live, enjoy and grow.

Bridgwater Neighbourhoods

Each of those neighbourhoods is just down the street from an ever-growing Town Centre that provides all the basic amenities of life – and more – all close and convenient. (There’s something to be said for being able to walk or bike to your grocery store and then pick up pizza or sushi just by crossing the street!) From Save On Foods to the Bridgwater Medical Centre to restaurants like Freshii, the Town Centre is constantly evolving while still retaining a distinctly “local” feeling.

Close and convenient also describes Bridgwater’s proximity to the rest of Winnipeg. A short drive can take you to the University of Manitoba, the Seasons Shopping Centre or Downtown Winnipeg where you can learn, earn or engage in a little “retail therapy” before leaving the hustle and bustle of downtown behind for the trails and trees of home.

Bridgwater Neighbourhoods

Trails and trees are a huge part of Bridgwater, woven throughout the entire community. According to one resident, “you feel like you are living in a park.” Bridgwater is best enjoyed by walking or biking the over 30 km of trails that link every neighbourhood together to create a feeling of community.

The sense of belonging is what really makes Bridgwater unique. As much as Bridgwater is designed to feel like a community, it’s the friends and family who live there who truly make you feel like a neighbour. Neighbourhood associations are constantly planning family-friendly events from toddler soccer to community garage sales to family fun days – all in addition to the many play structures and green areas throughout the entire community. Bridgwater is literally a place where people wave back when you say hello, and getting to know your neighbours just feels natural.

Bridgwater is indeed designed to be neighbourly, but it’s the people who make that design come alive – and, make it a great place to live. You can explore the neighbourhoods of Bridgwater at bridgwaterneighbourhoods.com.

Bridgwater Neighbourhoods